Appliance Repair Businesses Moving Forward – Brooklyn, NY

Appliance Repair in Brooklyn, New York

Bear Appliance Repair moves forward by offering appliance repair on major brands in the Brooklyn and Staten Island area.

Appliance Repair in Brooklyn has never been more satisfying than working with the amazing technicians at Bear Appliance Repair located in Bensonhurst in Brooklyn, NY. They have fast service and 24/7 repairs with techs that will come to your home to fix all major appliances. Remember that we suggested them, use discount code BEARFORWARD and save a percentage of your next service order!

Home Based Appliance Repair Offices: Redesigning Your Office

Help is available for small business owners needing to remodel office space

Many small business owners who work out of the home are confronted with a serious problem: your business is growing, your home office isn’t working for you anymore, but you don’t want to rent out space.

Sometimes all you need is a remodel, which can seem extremely challenging, overwhelming and expensive. Although all of this remains true, there is a new tool out there that can help you with one of the obstacles: finding an architect. After all, someone who knows what they’re doing is going to have to help you with design, structural issues and functional concerns.

If you are in this position, you’ll be happy to know that there is a new tool out there just for you. The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has launched an online resource to help consumers learn more about the process of working with an architect. The site,, allows you to search for an architect in your area that is right for you, whether it’s working on a residential or commercial project. You can also find out more about the entire process, especially if you’ve never worked with an architect before.

The site also covers important issues that need to be discussed with a potential architect, including specific questions to ask and factors to consider before choosing one. Some examples of the information that you need to obtain from a potential architect, according to the website, are:

  • What does the architect see as important issues or considerations in your project?
  • What are the challenges of the project?
  • How will the architect approach your project?
  • How will the architect gather information about your needs, goals, etc.?
  • How will the architect establish priorities and make decisions?
  • Who from the architecture firm will you be dealing with directly? Is that the same person who will be designing the project? Who will be designing your project?
  • How does the architect establish fees?
  • What is the architect’s experience/track record with cost estimating?
  • If the scope of the project changes later in the project, will there be additional fees? How will these fees be justified?

Making major changes to your existing office, or building a new one to accommodate your needs, can be daunting. By starting out with the right resources, you can make the process more comfortable for everyone.